Letter from 100RC President, Michael Berkowitz

On behalf of the entire 100 Resilient Cities family, I want to
congratulate the Greater Amman Municipality, Mayor Dr. Yousef
Al-Shawarbeh , former Mayor Biltaji, and Chief Resilience Officer
Fawzi Masad, on the release of the city’s Resilience Strategy, a
major milestone for the city and 100RC’s partnerships with it.
The cultural, political, and commercial heart of Jordan, Amman
has also grown into a formidable regional metropolis. This
Strategy sets out a clear vision for the way forward, enabling the
city to thrive rather than merely survive its various challenges.
Resilient Amman addresses not only the city’s potential shocks,
such as the refugee crisis, terrorism, and extreme weather, but
also Amman’s stresses, such as inadequate public transportation,
water scarcity, aging infrastructure, and high unemployment.
This inspiring document does this by placing Amman’s
citizens, especially its younger population, at its center, with
initiatives that create opportunity and allow for the city’s
natural talent to develop. With this as a foundation, we are
confident that Amman can build a strong, resilient future.
The leadership and commitment of former Mayor Biltaji, and Engineer
Fawzi Masad, Amman’s Chief Resilience Officer, have guided the city to
this major moment. This Strategy represents the beginning of the exciting
work to come in the months and years ahead, including projects with
100RC Platform Partner, the International Rescue Committee. And 100
Resilient Cities’ partnership with the city is also just beginning. Now we
can collectively begin implementing the actions and initiatives contained
in the following pages, which will positively impact the lives of all who
call Amman home. From its early work and active engagement with
the network, Amman is well positioned to help us in leading the global
urban resilience revolution, especially by becoming a regional resilience
champion and paving the way for other cities in the Middle East.
We at 100 Resilient Cities could not be more pleased to
be a partner in these efforts and look forward, together
with Amman, to create a new global standard.

Michael Berkowitz
President of 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by the Rockefeller

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