City to City Learning Exchange on Disaster Resilience- Amman & Khartoum

In response to the UNISDR call for City-to-City Learning Exchange funding Opportunities, the Arab Urban Development Institute in collaboration with the UNISDR, UNHABITAT offices for the Arab States developed a three days city-to-city exchange programme and field trips that took place in Khartoum – Sudan (4 – 6th November 2017) and in Amman – Jordan (4 – 6th Nov 2017)

The learning exchange programme gave the local municipalities the potential of understanding the socially constructed nation of risk, and support regional collaborations to share this as an innovative replication model in the upcoming UNISDR Forth Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction 2018.Learning from the engagement of civil society in flood mitigation and adaptation in Tuti Island (Khartoum), will showcase how the mobilization of traditional early warning and disaster risk management strategies, can unleashed substantial energies of community based human capital to mitigate disaster risk. As a member of the 100 Resilient Cities Network, Amman process of developing a roadmap to resilience brings into the city-to- city knowledge exchange programme a great value of co-operative learning understanding how to conduct city resilience assessments.

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